who we are?​

Immersive is a hyper-focused Communications & Technological Agency blended from marketers, technologists, planners, strategists, creative thinkers, designers, content writers, and developers. Working on developing unique solutions, programs, and brands to evolve organizations’ business objectives to achieve outstanding performance across Africa & Middle East.

We have a cloud of success stories proving our UNIQUENESS in terms of discovering markets, planning smart strategies, ideating original concepts, and leading brands to exceed goals.



  – Customer Analysis
  – Situation Analysis
  – Dashboards Building
  – Competition Analysis

  – Naming
  – Brand Concept & Strategy
  – Brand Story
  – Tone of Voice
  – Brand Visual & Verbal Identity

  – Brand Launch & Experience
  – Brand Management
  – Marketing Strategy
  – Campaign Design
  – Social Media Content
  – Paid Advertising
  – SEM
  – SEO
  – Email Marketing
  – Influencer Marketing
  – PR
  – Copywriting
  – Web Design and Development
  – Mob Design and Development
  – Printables
  – Content Production
  – Video Production
  – Photography
  – Workshops


Mohamed El-Abiad
Managing Director

Omar Salah
Art Director

Malak Salah
Marketing Specialist

Seham Shahin
Account Executive

Miral Omar
Graphic Designer

Salma Mohamed
Account Manager

Hassan Akram
Media Production Lead

Abdulrahman Atef
Creative Retoucher

Magdi Moussa
Marketing & Brand Strategist