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Branding Strategy

egFWD Initiative


Rollo is a business simulation and capacity building program dedicated to inspiring and supporting small African enterprises facing challenges after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Their mission is leading small African businesses to lead the African content’s economy.


– Branding
– Digital Marketing Strategy
– Communications Strategy & Toolkits
– Video Production
– Content Creation
– Website


– Afrilabs
– African Union

Program Scope

A Capacity Building for 300 African Entrepreneurs in 5 countries from the 5 regions of Africa, and the best 10 performing enterprises advance to Rollo Masters. They showcase their results and achievements in front of leading African business leaders, experts, investors, and government representatives.

Snippets from the brand concept sketch

The program core is helping business leaders taking their decisions.

Failure is a key learning mechanism: studies have shown that failure in a business simulation actually improves learning, as participants are more likely to reflect on and analyze their decisions when faced with suboptimal results.

Masterlogo Concept

Covid-19 Effect

  • 35%ofalljobsinAfricawillbeinfluenced bythepandemic.•150millionjobsaffectedby lossesorsalaryreductions.
  • It will directly impact jobs in retail and wholesale, manufacturing and construction, which make up to 60% of all jobs in the formal sector and 80% of jobs in the informal sector.
  • 20 million jobs will be lost or experiencing salary reduction in african agriculture sector.

Masterlogo Concept

Program Toolkits

We created a several toolkits for the program to establish the communication base of all parties over 5 African countries in French, English and Arabic languages

Program Website

We developed a professional website with detailed applications in order to receive applicants from African Enterprises through Email marketing campaigns from our local partners of cowering spaces and innovation hubs and through social media campaigns to widen the awareness and outreach among 5 African countries.

Check out the website

Social Media Content

We built a full social media content for an awareness campaign to be cross-posted among our local partners
Active Spaces – KMT House – Savannah – Jokkalabs – Zone Hub

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