Arabian Analysis is a Saudi company for data analysis; they have various data processing methodologies that will help
our clients thrive to a better future through high-end services of Data Analysis, Dashboard Building, and Performance reports.

We are extremely proud of helping this Arabian company in finding their best branding strategy and visualization to help to shape their goto market strategy in Saudi


– Verbal Branding 
– Visual Branding


– Arabian Analaysis

Project Scope

We’re Helping businesses find gaps and solutions through data. And improving their performance and strategy by providing:
●  data visuals
●  dashboards
●  identifying gaps for improvement
So the brand DNA was built on 3 main components: 
1- Agile 
2- Audacious 
3- Futurist

Snippets from the brand concept sketch

Brand Roots of "Analytical Aptitude"

The brand DNA is a crucial to build the persona of the brand in order to visualize the final look & feel of the identity

In our case we added 3 tactical Qualities to this brand to reflect their analytical and managerial nature which are: 
1- Hypotheses Driven
2- Communicator
3- Motivated by Impact

And these 5 QUALITIES are shaping the main characteristic of the brand as



Operational Base

Attraction of Success

Masterlogo Concept